Lonnie, from Honeycutt Photography, did an excellent job shooting our family portraits.
The pictures turned out great. Mr. Honeycutt was very professional and easy to work with. I will definitely be using Honeycutt Photography in future.
Julie Reed




I am writing this letter to express my appreciation for your professionalism that you have shown while taking pictures for our homeless outreach projects. The quality of each picture shows your eye for details and your heart for people that is far above my expectations. You have a way with people that helps bring out the best in each person and enhances the quality of each picture. Your humor also puts people at ease, allowing them to be themselves and makes the experience more relaxing. I would recommend your service to anyone who is looking for photographer to do family, baby, graduation or event photos like the ones you’ve done for our ministry. Due to your work ethic and your professionalism I will continue to use you for all future projects.
Tony Murray – President, Chowtime Ministries, Inc.

Brad and Kay

Mr. Honeycutt friendly, knowledgeable and, more importantly than anything else… FUN! He provided a LOT more photos than we had initially talked about and didn’t charge us extra — talk about under-promising and OVER-delivering. The kids and I had such a great time. I can’t recommend him enough!
Kristi Hunter





Lonnie and Allie are SO much fun to work with. I had a wonderful time for my senior photos.
Honeycutt Photography is TERRIFIC!
Tessa LaShae




Working with Lonnie was a sheer delight. He was and is professional and yet easy to follow and work with. I almost considered a career in modeling with all his positive comments. He is the ultimate professional and an overall cool guy. I give him top referrals and 5 stars!!
Deryl Pendleton, President, Pendleton & Associates



I really enjoyed working with Lonnie. He has done several photography sessions with me (even my wedding). The pictures are absolutely beautiful. My experience was enjoyable and pleasant. I always felt relaxed and ended it feeling glamorous. He is always respectful and encouraging and professional. He captured moments at my wedding that no one else could. I would recommend him because of his talent, his professionalism and his one of a kind ability to make you feel uniquely beautiful the way God made you.
Stephanie Hepburn, House Mom for the Haven of Hope


Honeycutt Photography A (45)If you are anything like me, then your annual family photo shoot can be a bit stressful. Not only are you trying to look your best, coordinate outfits and pick the perfect location, but you are also hoping your children are all prepared to behave and ‘be’ photogenic! Having the right photographer for such an endeavor is critical! I can tell you from experience that Lonnie is more than capable of assisting you through the process of choosing the perfect location and time of day for your photo shoot. He is not only a patient father who knows how to engage children and help them feel comfortable and important during the session, he is also prepared to adapt to any unforeseen issues, wardrobe problems, weather problems, lighting problems etc. He will make your family photo shoot an enjoyable, stress free experience! I cannot recommend him highly enough!
Luke and Kirsten Fondren


Lonnie is the best photographer I know. He not only captures beautiful pictures, but is a wonderful man. He’s funny, smart and easy to work with. I had the privilege of using him for my engagement pictures, wedding pictures, maternity pictures, new born pictures and family pictures. He doesn’t just take pictures, he captures moments and memories that will last a life time. He also finishes editing and processing the pictures very fast. He has put all my pictures on a CD (not just 10 frames like other companies). You can tell he loves what he does and makes everything comfortable and pleasing to his customers. I highly recommend letting him be a part of your next moments in time that you want captured. I have referred him to many of my friends and will continue to do so!
Tasha and Bo Ridley


Finding a photographer who really takes time to capture you in the best light (no pun intended) is difficult. I know because I’m not the easiest subject to photograph. I never really thought about image much until I started my own tire service company – then it became apparent that people needed to ‘know who I was’ even before they met me (especially since I met a lot of them for the first time at 2 in the morning). As my wife says, our photographer captured the ‘real me’ and both of us truly appreciate the creativity, the easy manner and the prices. I recommend Honeycutt Photography to anyone who needs a professional photo or family photos.
James Ricks, President, Wolfman Tire Service


I would like to take a moment to say a few words about an extremely talented photographer and a dear friend of mine, Lonnie. When he decided to pursue his passion of photography, all I and his other friends could say was “It’s about time!”
I have personally worked with Lonnie and despite my reservations about being in front of a camera he made the experience relaxing and enjoyable. He has top notch equipment and his post production enhancement skills are a wonder to behold. If you ever find yourself in need of a gifted photographer please take my advice and contact Honeycutt Photography. I can personally assure you that you will
be glad you did. Master Brian Fulmer, Kempo Comba Tai Instructor, 5th Degree Blackbelt CSD


Working with our Lonnie for mine and my girlfriend’s photo shoot was such a fun and relaxed experience! He was the best photographer you could ask for. He knows what he is doing and, if he must invade your personal space (which he DOES NOT do often), he makes sure you are comfortable with it and you know what exactly what he will do. That is actually a big deal for me. He was both very relaxed and also excited to shoot for you and it’s very obvious he enjoys what he does! I highly recommend Lonnie of Honeycutt Photography for your photoshoot!
Zach Blackmon, 3rd Dan, Senior Instructor, Semmes Taekwondo Center


Meredith Jumping


Looking for a Photographer for any project or occasion? Lonnie, of Honeycutt Photography, is the photographer for you! Versatile and willing, he is able to “get the shot!” Thanks for all the pictures you’ve have done for me!
Becky Parsons, Owner, Mobile Equestrian Center



WheHoneycutt Photography A (65)n choosing a photographer for your business portfolio, it is critical to hire someone who understands how to capture the most personable and professional images possible. Lonnie is the perfect photographer to bring these qualities to life in your session. He is one of the most genuinely positive, caring and passionate individuals I have had the privilege to know. His attention to detail and his ability to make you feel comfortable in a session is truly unparalleled in the industry. I cannot recommend Honeycutt Photography highly enough!
Kirsten Fondren, Elite Presenter (Younique)



As the Director of the Haven of Hope for women, I was privileged to have Lonnie work with our clients.  At least once during the 90 days of recovery each lady was treated to a Day of Beauty.  The best part of the experience was the photoshoot provided by Lonnie.  His easy humor and professional approach to the session resulted in wonderful photos for the ladies.  These photos were the proof that their lives were changed.  The ladies and their families were blessed by his talent.  I highly recommend him for working with children, families or special events.  His work is wonderful.  I would recommend Honeycutt Photography to all of my friends… and have!
Jeanne Harred, Director of the Haven of Hope

Holly Fountain


The time you spend with your clients and the genuine desire to make them happy paid off tenfold. You’ve got a great eye for this work and a God-Given skill set….Your professionalism has not gone unnoticed! We had so much fun and it’s been a great way to stay connected with my son as he grows up and for that alone there are not enough words. Simply, thank you Lonnie!
Holly Fountain, L’Oreal Professional Colorist and Hairstylist




Excellent service! Great photography and he makes you feel and look absolutely beautiful!
I recommend him to anyone needing pictures done!!!
Shelby Scarborough



Shelby Stanton


Incredible. I haven’t had my pic taken since I was a teen and I think I know why – I hadn’t met a guy like Lonnie. He makes you feel like your the center of the universe. Thanks SO much for getting me past myself so I could see the woman behind the mask. beautiful!
Shelly Stanton