About Me


Photography is more than simply pressing a button and coming up with a picture.  Anyone can do that.  Staging a photo scene and making it look as though it’s not staged or that it’s staged properly is something few people can accomplish.  My ability to do just that (along with the pride I take in my craft) has created an excellent reputation with clients throughout Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Texas.

While specializing in corporate photography I am also an all-around photography enthusiast.  I have a love of both maternity shots and natural scenes.  Three U.S.-based corporations have used the photographs I’ve taken (most recently ‘My Nutrition Source’ – located in Atlanta).  I regularly donate my skills to both the Haven of Hope and the Mission of Hope in Mobile, Alabama and part of every fee goes to support non-profits such as Transitions EAAT or others.

Two of my clients comment:

Lonnie made me feel beautiful just because of his attitude.  It was hard for me to imagine that the person he saw in his camera was the person others saw me as… until he came back with my portrait.  It was startling for me to understand that, just by holding myself a bit differently, my entire look changed.” Debbie Johnson

I’ll never forget the first time I met Mr. Honeycutt.  He was walking through the halls of our company carrying a ladder and a camera.  He explained that since he was so short he often needed the ladder to get ‘eye-to-eye’ with those he photographed.  It was such a matter of fact statement but it made perfect sense.  I stayed and watched him help Jim, one of our interns, ‘transform’ before my eyes from a guy who was extremely shy and seemed to fade into the wallpaper to someone who looked and acted confident.  As a result of his work I’ve recommended Lonnie to a number of my clients.”  Raymond Taylor, Taylor & Smith, Inc.

If you have need of a photographer who is great at the craft… look no further.  If you ask me to photograph an event or a group or even a person and I don’t feel I’m up to the challenge… I’ll happily refer you to someone I believe will better suit your needs.